Several changes are being made at Local 620 to both staffing and facilities in our goal to better serve the membership. Some of these changes results from long term planning, while some are relatively recent.

For many years, Local 620 saved for the purchase of our own union office. Last year we were able to purchase an office in Santa Maria at 114 N. Vine Street. It was also our goal to make the purchase and necessary improvements without the need to take out any loans. I am happy to report that both the purchase and the remodeling were paid for with the funds that we were able to save. On March 1, 2015, we were able to move into the new office while we are continuing with the remodeling of the detached 1000 sq. ft conference / meeting facility. With our Santa Barbara office at 350 S. Hope, which will house five staff members and our Santa Maria office, which has four staff members, Local 620 will be well situated to respond to members’ needs. Additionally, with technology such as video conferencing they will be able to reduce monthly facility and transportation costs while being more assessable to Local 620 members. Local 620 will be inviting members and allies to the open house / BBQ as soon as the remodeling is completed.

Local 620

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Local 620

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Bruce Corsaw
Executive Director










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